Load Bank

Load bank, test, up to 25 Mw. Variable power factor, From Low Voltage at 380V, 440V, 690V up to Medium Voltage @ 24Kv.

  • Hallin, 15 Mw 690V
  • Cepu: 6MW, 11kv
  • Jangkrik, UPS test and 6MW 590V
  • Teras: 14Mw, 690V
  • Many other smaller test as you can see below

JAngkrik FPU Cepu_Test_20150920_006 Photo0439 20150513_090631 20150506_114707 WP_20150521_003 img-20160520-wa0006 img-20160520-wa0009 WP_20150521_003 20150513_090806

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